Baby Adoption

There are many reasons you might be considering adoption. Adoption is often the end of a long road of hard decisions.

For many people adoption is a last resort after other ways to become a parent did not work out. So while adoption is never entered into lightly, it may be with a heavy heart.

Adoption itself is a long and complicated process, with the adoption agencies always working with the child's best interests as their main concern. Many people are surprised and frustrated at the amount of red-tape that goes along with baby adoption; after all, your intention is to provide a baby with everything it could ever need, not to cause it any harm.

Adoption never happens quickly.

It could easily be months or sometimes years between you first deciding on adoption to having a baby at home with you.

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Finding a baby for adoption is very difficult nowadays. There are far less newborn babies put up for adoption than there were fifty years ago; obviously due to improved birth control and the acceptance of single mothers. This lack of babies has been termed a 'baby shortage'. This raises many more dilemas - if you are going to adopt a child rather than a baby, what age of child are you willing to go up to? what if the baby has older brothers or sisters? what if the baby has special needs?

Questions you would never had to consider if you'd been able to have a child naturally.

Answers that will change the rest of your life, forever.

Whilst celebrities seem to be able to jump on a plane and come back with a baby, adoption in the real world is not always so easy. Adoption from overseas is also fraught with legalities and expenses, and difficult decisions.

But remember why you're doing it, and the process of adoption will have a happy ending! 

Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with a parent (or patents) other than the birth parents. Adoption begins with the severing of the parental responsibilities and rights of the biological parents and placing of those responsibilities and rights onto the adoptive parents.(Wikipedia)