Adoption Fees

Sadly, adoption comes with fees. These fees can mount up if you're not expecting them, so be prepared.

Nothing in life comes free. And although there are thousands of children needing permanent, loving homes, adoption comes with fees.

Unfortunately, these fees can make adoption out of the question for some people who would make ideal parents.

Fees for adoption can get extremely expensive. Depending on the type of adoption and where the adoptive baby or child lives. Overseas adoption can involve very high fees and again that depends on the country adopting from.

Fees for adoption begin with an application fee in many adoption programs. Of course this is a one-time fee which is paid when the application is submitted.

A home study required, which is in most adoption procedures, there is a home study fee charged. These fees for adoption will vary from adoption agency to agency, country to country and are subject to change without notice. Fees for adoption included in this process of applying and completing a home study may also include government processing costs which are separate. These fees must also be paid by the adoptive parents.

After the application has been made and the home study completed, there are fees to be paid for home study update visits. Beside the charges for the home visits, adoptive parents must pay a fee if they live a certain distance from the social worker's home. They will be responsible for gas, hotel and the social worker's hourly rate.

Other fees for adoption include  post adoption fees, fees for clients using foreign programs and other agencies, fees for the social worker's court appearance, assistance with documents, legal fees, travel fees, and medical fees. The prospective adoptive parents are responsible for all administrative fees, legal fees, travel, medical and any other expenses arising from the adoption process.

If you decide to register with more than one adoption agency, or decide to change adoption agencies, then these fees will be incurred again. Each agency completes its own set of forms. So even if you have already completed a home study with adoption agency A, agency B will require a new home study and a new home study fee etc.

These fees are soon going to mount up if you are considering overseas adoption. In North America people are able to adopt through private and public adoption agencies for little or no costs. It is imperative to discuss fees for adoption with an agency or adoption worker before entering into the process.

When individuals choose International adoption, they must be prepared financially. Foreign adoption has the ability to spring surprises on adoptive parents pertaining to legal issues, rules and regulations of the country adopting from. After going through the process of completing applications and home studies, being screened by police and doctors, finding an adoptive baby or child and preparing themselves for the big day, prospective adoptive parents do not need heartache and stress brought on  by unexpected adoption fees.

Fees for adoption can seem outrageously high but for people who desperately want children, they would do anything to adopt a baby and create a family.  People take out second mortgages on their homes, take on a second job, cash in on their retirement savings and take out personal loans to insure they have sufficient funds to pay their fees for adoption.

Sometimes there are financial criteria for overseas adoption, perhaps minimum income levels or investments.

The adoption process sometimes seems difficult and expensive and unfair, with so many babies or children in desperate need of a loving stable home. But  finding the right parents for a child involves checks and double checks, its not as easy as taking a dog home from the shelter!