Adoption Questions

There are many, many questions that prospective adoptive parents need answers to.

Baby or child adoption is very different to shopping! or taking home a rescue dog.

People going through the adoption process have many questions and concerns. The adoption process is a sensitive procedure and requires serious consideration and attention. They are in search of a something very precious, a baby or child. This new baby or child will have a new life with them, and the parents life will never be the same again either. It is a major, life decision and comes with alot of questions.

Who can adopt a baby or child in North America? As long as the prospective adoptive parents meet the adoption criteria set down by the adoption agency or the non-profit adoption organization, they can adopt.

How long does it take to adopt a baby or child? This question is difficult to answer since the timeframe can vary. Depending on the type of adoption chosen, the adoption process can take anywhere from a year to many years. Of course it will depend on the type of child the adoptive parents are looking for as well. How much time and money the prospective adoptive parents are willing to spend regarding the search for a child will have an impact on the timeframe as well.

How much does it cost to adopt a baby or child? The cost will depend on the type of child the prospective adoptive parents are interested in. When adopting a child through public adoption there is generally no cost involved. If choosing to adopt through a private agency or foreign adoption, the cost can range climb to about $35,000.

How does the adoption process work? Each adoption is different. How the process works will depend on the province or state adopting from. Adoption comes under government jurisdiction and each province and state will have their own rules and regulation regarding adoption.

Is it possible to adopt a child from another province or state? This will depend on the laws and regulations of the province or state regarding adoption. Some areas are stricter than others.

Is it possible to adopt a child from another country? Yes, prospective adoptive parents are able to adopt from other countries. In fact, many North Americans today choose foreign adoption and adopt children from countries such as China, Russia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Colombia and others. To adopt from one of these countries, the prospective parents must meet the adoption criteria of the country they are adopting from.

Who can help with adoption? There are many groups, organizations, resources and individuals who are equipped to provide detailed information about adoption. Perhaps the first contact might be a social worker or someone in the local area who deals with child welfare. The prospective adoptive parents might look for adoptive parent's support groups. The Internet is also a great resource for adoption information providing contact information and names for adoption associations.

After collecting information about adoption, where do I begin? Once individuals make a decision as to where they would like to adopt from and what type of baby or child they are interested in adopting, they should sit down and devise an adoption plan. This adoption plan should lay out the prospective parent's plans to reach their goals. When people are adopting, it's always good to have a back-up adoption plan just in case something goes wrong with the initial plan.

When you've come to the important decision that you want to go ahead with the adoption of a baby or child, a new road opens up in front of you. You need to ask questions, alot of questions, and do careful research. Your circle of family and friends will probably not have the answers to these questions. Find support groups, people who are going through or have already been through the adoption process will be a great help to you.