Adoption from Albania

Adoption from Albania is open, although adopting a child from Albania is very tightly controlled and not an easy process.

Single parents are accepted onto the adoption programme.

Adoptions must take place through authorised adoption agencies. It is not permitted for adoptive parents to deal directly with orphanages.

The Albanian child must have a certificate from the Albanian Adoption Committee stating that s/he is adoptable.  This means that the child has been in an orphanage for at least six months with no contact from his/her biological parent(s), and that the orphanage has been unsuccessful in placing the child with an Albanian family. 

The prospective adoptive parent(s) may not go to an orphanage to select a child without authorisation from the Albanian Adoption Committee.  In general the Committee will propose a child whom the prospective adoptive parent(s) may accept if they wish.

After a child has been granted to the adoptive parents, there are visas, and legalities to complete. Prospective adoptive parents should expect to remain in Albania for at least three weeks to complete the adoption process.

Overseas Adoption